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This is us.

At the end of this year I turn the big 69, Shortly the better half will be 69 also. Time just keeps marching on and there is no stopping that. This year we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary ( boy time does fly ) it only seems like this all went by so fast. But there is still things to do and adventure to be had. Our one big hobby is motorcycling as you can guess by this web site. We love to hit the open road and journey to places we may have not traveled to before. Of course we also as creatures of habit do find our self covering old ground. Places we always enjoy going to and sometimes we find new things there. I have been working all my life! as for in my  main career, I have been with employer for 47 years. And I’m now retired. I retired Sept 2019, it was fun and a adventure. My partiner (wife for life) had retired before me and now we have more time for each other.